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Getting to know Siemens Healthineers' new supply chain management partner, Baxter Planning

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 08, 2023
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Baxter Planning will help orchestrate the supply chain service management needs of healthcare providers using Siemens Healthineers equipment. (Photo courtesy of Baxter Planning)
Siemens Healthineers has appointed service parts management provider Baxter Planning as its long-term service supply chain partner, providing its customers with a range of software solutions for optimizing their supply operations.

Baxter Planning is a portfolio company of Polaris Partners, a private investment firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and New York. It currently manages $11 billion in inventory at 35,000 locations in 120 countries with its BaxterPredict platform.

The end-to-end predictive platform connects disparate systems and teams and breaks down the supply chain process into three components: planning (BaxterProphet); operations (BaxterLynX); and escalation (BaxterSnapshot).

  • BaxterProphet – A planning and forecasting solution that uses a total cost optimization approach to determine demand in advance and help users supply, replenish, and repair orders for each part of their service business. One feature, Automated Replenishment, minimizes inventory and transport costs and saves on excess inventory by prioritizing stocking from ideal locations. Another, Installed Based Planning determines supply needs based on the growth or decline in the equipment base and identifies critical client contracts to enhance coverage, creating higher first-time fix rates for technician visits and enhancing customer net-promoter-scores.

  • BaxterLynX – A real-time workflow management command center that provides real-time visibility and control over all transactions and part movement. It alerts users in advance of issues to prevent them from escalating, to spare users from paying expensive penalties. It also integrates, synchronizes, and automates transactional data flows across internal and partner systems.

  • BaxterSnapshot – A one-stop shop for handling the escalation of customer concerns. It reduces the time it takes to resolve issues and streamline communication to do so, organizes escalation backlogs, eliminates duplicate requests, and minimizes adverse impacts of escalation.

"With such a sprawling operation, our requirements can get too complicated for most planning platforms quite quickly. We needed a powerful, dynamic solution that gives us actionable insights based on a massive amount of data, and we found that in BaxterPredict,” said Klaus Rueth, senior vice president of customer service managed logistics at Siemens Healthineers, in a statement.

Baxter's Center of Excellence (CoE) will also provide Siemens Healthineers users with access to professional input from qualified experts in the supply chain space.

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