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Mind the gap: The true extent of neglect in women’s health research

March 15, 2024
Business Affairs Women's Health

It is also clear that the current research momentum must be capitalized on and increased if progress is to be continued. For this to happen, stakeholders in healthcare research, including funding organizations, clinical research bodies and pharmaceutical companies, should transparently set targets for research dedicated to women’s health. Regulatory bodies and governmental organizations must also play their part in critically appraising research distribution and holding industry accountable.

Further research into women’s health - covering long-overlooked conditions specific to women as well as differences in how women experience ‘shared’ conditions and react to treatments - will not only right the wrongs of the past but also improve health outcomes for half the world’s population, with the potential for far-reaching positive impacts for society as a whole.

About the author: Sarah Nurgat is client services director at ThoughtSpark. Sarah has extensive experience working with life science businesses, gained over a decade working in public relations and marketing. Sarah works closely with clients to strengthen their visibility in national and international media. A linguist with a background in French translation, she understands the subtleties of working with global markets.

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