LucidHealth and Rad AI finalize partnership for radiology report dictation solution

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | June 20, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
LucidHealth, a national network of community-based radiology practices, and Rad AI have finalized an agreement to provide LucidHealth radiology practices with access to the Rad AI Omni Impressions dictation tool.

Rad AI Omni Impressions automatically generates a customized radiology report impression from the findings and clinical indication dictated by the radiologist, using the most advanced neural networks. It learns each radiologist’s language and style preferences from their prior reports to create an impression that the radiologist can simply review and finalize.

The solution's deployment began with Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley in Neenah, Wisconsin, the first practice to utilize the tool earlier this year. Three more LucidHealth practices in the state of Wisconsin are intended to follow, in addition to practices spanning Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Nevada. LucidHealth's teleradiology service, LucidSolutions, will also incorporate Rad AI Omni Impressions for more than 70 remote-based providers.

LucidHealth employs over 300 physicians at outpatient imaging centers and healthcare facilities across the country.

“We're excited to move into the future with leading generative AI capabilities that Rad AI Omni offers,” said Dr. Marc Miller, president of Radiology Associates of the Fox Valley. "It has already proved to help reduce burnout and improve the efficiency of reporting — a win for both our radiologists and for patient care.”

Earlier this year, LucidHealth announced a partnership with Quinsite an integrated analytics provider, for use of its Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform to track productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, boost revenue, and create operational efficiencies. The partnership aims to drive positive outcomes for patients and healthcare partners supported by the national network of radiology practices within LucidHealth.

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