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GE Healthcare AI-powered coordination center to arrive in Tampa in 2019

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 06, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
Tampa General Hospital is set to use
a GE analytics solution to set up a
coordination center for improving
patient outcomes
The power of predictive analytics is set to flow to the shores of Tampa General Hospital as part of a new collaboration with GE Healthcare.

The Big Guava provider is setting aside 9,000 square feet for the construction of a coordination care center that will leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence and data to enhance the experience and safety of its patients.

“The leadership team at TGH has a clear focus on the outcomes they are trying to deliver to patients which include, enhancing safety and quality, improving efficiency, reducing wait times, and speeding up the discharge process. By delivering the right care to each patient in the right setting, they are ensuring that each patient gets the best possible evidenced-based care.”

The 1,010-bed nonprofit academic medical center is one of the 50 largest providers in the U.S., catering to approximately 800 patients daily, and is the only level one trauma center in the area.

Utilizing GE’s Wall of Analytics, the coordination center will enable staff members from different hospitals to evaluate data to form and make improvements.

The decision support solution consists of an analytics engine which operates in an always-current cross system data model that undergoes updates several times per second.

It also comprises analytics tiles which apply AI to the data model to decipher information that conveys improvements for a range of areas, such as reducing delays in patient progress, predicting and preventing risks, and balancing staff workloads.

Improvements will specifically be aimed at patient transport, wait times, coordination of services and the speed of discharge.

“It should remove bottlenecks that stress and disrupt providers today. Because of the analytics that run in real time, the center will help care teams better manage unusual situations. TGH is highly aligned with how to achieve the goals set forth that will translate to speed, to impact, and new innovation.”

Previous incarnations of GE coordination centers include the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Humber River Hospital in Toronto.

The center is set to open in 2019.

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