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Nihon Kohden’s acquisition of AMP3D further highlights interest of analytics in the clinical world

August 24, 2021
Business Affairs Health IT
By Kelly Patrick

On the 27th of July 2021, the US subsidiary of Nihon Kohden (Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions Inc.) announced that it was to acquire 100% of the shares of U.S.-based Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics and Displays Inc. (“AMP3D”). AMP3D focuses on the development of algorithms and software to predict patient outcomes. The AMP3D CoMET (Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories) analytics software can identify multiple adverse events outcomes and display these to the caregiver. The integration of AMP3D’s algorithms into Nihon Kohden’s patient monitoring offering will allow additional insights into patient status, to help reduce adverse events.

The Signify View
The U.S. has trended toward value-based care for some time, and the offer of solutions that reduce adverse events and improve the quality of care are in high demand. This has not only driven the appetite for more patient information but also solutions that offer associated analytics to help to drive more informed clinical decisions. Other countries are also now focusing on value-based care, with reimbursement becoming more dependent on the level of care provided. The COVID-19 pandemic not only further accelerated product innovation, but also the acceptance of additional analytical tools and software that can ultimately improve patient care, especially since clinical resource has become increasingly strained. Despite initial hesitancy, clinicians are now starting to see the benefits that analytics can offer to aid in prediction of patient outcomes in time-critical decisions, ensuring high-risk patients are monitored appropriately.

Signify Research recently assessed the market for analytics and AI-based applications in its High-Acuity & Perinatal IT report. The report assessed the market development of many major players and the impact on market demand. The global Analytics and AI-based applications market in high-acuity and perinatal settings was estimated to be worth $70.5 million in 2020. Signify projects that this will reach just under $180 million by 2025.

What next for Nihon Kohden?
Nihon Kohden has been a smaller player in the U.S. patient monitor market for some time; it was ranked sixth in 2020 in Signify’s recent assessment of the North American patient monitor market, gaining 0.3% points from 2019. However, it has much greater presence in the overall global market, due to its higher ranking in Asia, specifically in Japan. This acquisition will place Nihon Kohden in a good position to capture the piqued interest in additional analytical tools to support patient monitoring provision, which is slowly becoming a necessary element of a clinical product offering.

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