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Nihon Kohden’s acquisition of AMP3D further highlights interest of analytics in the clinical world

August 24, 2021
Business Affairs Health IT

In 2020, Hill-Rom acquired Excel Medical, a clinical communications software company located in the U.S. Excel Medical’s solution is a vendor-agnostic data acquisition and storage platform specifically utilised in cardiac monitoring systems and medical devices. Since the acquisition, Hill-Rom has utilised Excel Medical’s technology to develop their Voalte Alarm and Alert Management solution aimed to reduce caregiver alarm fatigue, and provide retrospective analytics of alert and alarm loads for quality management. In February 2021, Hill-Rom also announced its acquisition of EarlySense, a contactless continuous patient monitor sensor company which will add to Hill-Rom’s connected care solutions line, and enable the continuous collection of patient data to help ensure appropriate and timely clinical decisions are made. These activities in the monitoring market, in addition to the 2019 acquisition of Breathe Technologies, a non-invasive ventilator company, have further developed Hill-Rom’s product offering across the connected care solutions market, resulting in positive growth in recent years. This further highlights the need for a complete and connected product offering across the clinical care space to remain competitive. More recently, Hill-Rom’s activity has attracted interest from Baxter Healthcare, who proposed a recent acquisition of the company. However, early reports suggest the offering was initially rejected based on Hill-Rom’s higher perceived value, and talks are ongoing.


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Mindray has continued to push its international presence through its development of solutions across the clinical care segments. Its broad offering has enabled it to gain share across the clinical care devices segments. Following the launch of their Ruizhilian information system suite in October 2020 at the CMEF, Mindray also launched its M-Connect IT solution in April 2021. As market leader in many of the clinical care devices markets in China, it is in a strong position to facilitate data sharing between bedside devices and 3rd party information systems, in addition to offering analytics to aid in decision making. The ability to offer a complete and connected offering across the clinical settings is helping Mindray to gain traction in both developed and emerging markets.

Closing remarks
It is expected that the focus to develop intuitive solutions, supported by advanced algorithms will continue in the field of clinical care, combining information from a wide range of connected solutions. Investment into digital health has been expanded, with specific financial initiatives in several countries to ensure progression toward digital solutions and associated software is made. Product developments incorporating analytics are expected from all vendors, as the market continues to be expanded by the need for clinical information to guide patient care and increase patient safety, further increasing competition within the industry.

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