Medline opens $75 million distribution center in Missouri

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 06, 2023
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Medline's distribution center in St. Peters, Missouri
As part of its $2 billion Healthcare Resilience Initiative, supply chain manufacturer Medline has opened a $75 million LEED-certified facility in St. Peters, Missouri to oversee distribution of thousands of medical products and devices to hospitals and other facilities across the U.S.

Under the national, multiyear capital expenditure campaign, the company will build new distribution centers and develop manufacturing capabilities and information technology upgrades to improve healthcare service delivery and refine customer service.

At the St. Peter’s distribution center, it will spend approximately $280,000 annually with local vendors on maintenance, upkeep, and operations. The 800,000-square-foot center will also employ more than 150 individuals on a payroll of over $8 million.

“Missourians’ access to quality healthcare remains a critical priority for our administration. That’s why we welcome Medline and its goal to help improve our health system by supporting so many of the dedicated healthcare providers across Missouri and neighboring communities,” said Governor Mike Parson in a statement.

Medline already manages over 50 distribution centers and more than 30 global manufacturing facilities in North America, distributing 300,000 individual medical products, including over 65,000 company-made products.

Earlier this year, Medline opened a $72 million medical distribution center in Louisiana, the largest of its kind in the state, where it will process more than $200 million worth of orders annually.

The year before, it opened its 1.4 million-square-foot LEED-certified, $125 million Grayslake facility in Illinois, which is the largest medical-grade distribution center in the U.S.

The company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the St. Peter’s center on August 30.

“We pledge to continue to be good neighbors, responsible employers, and real advocates for improving the delivery of healthcare in this state and region,” said Steve Miller, Medline executive vice president of supply chain.

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