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Bayer and Rad AI announce collaborative agreement

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | July 01, 2024
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
A new collaboration announced at SIIM will bring Rad AI’s operational solutions to Bayer's Calantic Digital Solution customers.

Rad AI’s radiology speech recognition reporting solution, AI-driven patient follow-up management, and automated radiology impression generation technologies will complement Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions platform, enabling more hospitals and health systems to benefit from Rad AI’s generative AI capabilities.

Here are the three AI tools that will be incorporated into Bayer's platform:

Rad AI Reporting helps radiologists create reports faster by using generative AI to organize radiology reports, allowing radiologists to focus on reading studies as well as integrating stable findings from prior reports.

Rad AI Omni Impressions generates customized radiology report impressions from dictated findings, tailored to each radiologist’s language preferences and helping to reduce fatigue.

Rad AI Continuity automates the follow-up process for incidental findings, helping to promote timely patient follow-up, and potentially increasing imaging revenue for health systems.

Calantic Digital Solutions is a suite of digital radiology AI-enabled clinical and operational applications that assist radiologists and their teams at critical steps within a patient’s journey through the radiology suite. The Calantic platform is a vendor-neutral, cloud-hosted platform which includes a growing number of applications designed to aid in prioritization, lesion detection and quantification, as well as apps that automate routine tasks, measurements, and improve workflows in radiology suites.

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