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What's new in radiography and detectors?

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | November 18, 2019
From the November 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Single-click Multiple Image Processing and Advanced Edge Enhancement functions for viewing of PICC lines and catheters are also part of the most recent feature release

"One-click multi-image processing supports an efficient workflow, especially in busy imaging environments," Tsuneo Imai, vice president and general manager of healthcare solutions in the business imaging solutions group for Canon USA and president of Virtual Imaging Inc.

The Advanced Edge Enhancement feature of the software is designed for evaluating soft tissue, foreign body visualization and bony detail. In addition, free rotation of images to any arbitrary angle permits fine adjustment of horizontal or vertical image orientation.

The Single Shot Long-Length Imaging feature of CXDI Control Software NE stitches long length images into a single image using multiple compatible CXDI detectors, a single x-ray exposure and the automatic stitching capability of the CXDI Software.

This new software feature, when used with compatible Canon CXDI-710C wireless and CXDI-410C wireless detectors and a specially configured stand, offers a long-length imaging workflow for whole spine or long leg exams without the need for multiple X-ray exposures. As a cost-effective solution, the detectors can be removed from the stand and used with other compatible systems

The system comes with what Imai says is a faster workflow, allowing facilities to perform more exams.

Carestream Focus 35C Detector
Carestream released the new wireless DRX Plus 2530C Detector, which the company says is lighter, faster and has enhanced features.

“The newly designed small format allows for easier positioning in incubator trays,” said Jill Hamman, worldwide marketing manager for global X-ray solutions at Carestream.

The detector has an IP rating of 57, new electronic components and 98-micron pixel pitch to provide better image quality. It also features the X-Factor which enables sharing the detector across the entire DRX family of products.

At RSNA, the company will showcase the recently FDA-approved Carestream Focus 35C Detector that works with Image Suite for a wireless DR retrofit solution.

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