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What's new in radiography and detectors?

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | November 18, 2019
From the November 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

They will also show the ddRAura Air, which will have its U.S. debut in the first quarter of 2020. The Air is a fully automated, dual-OTC system, with the first column carrying the tube and collimator and the second hosting a dynamic panel.

“The beauty of the system is you can use it as a wall stand, perform any off-table exams, or use it with the 90/90 table as a remote-control RF system,” said Ed Pol, chief executive officer of Swissray Customer Care.

Swissray ddRAura Air
This is a premium product for hospitals, imaging centers and orthopedics.

“We call it our all-in-one system. It allows the user to do a variety of exams that would typically require the use of different rooms to perform ,” Pol said.

Swissray’s first radiography and fluoroscopy room has dual-size fluoroscopy capabilities, with a 17-inch and 11-inch mode.

“It works very much like conventional RF system, with the ease and convenience of programmable, automated, robotic positioning and the capability of acquiring full size, full resolution radiographs at speeds up to four frames per second,” Pol said.

In June, Thales released the ArtPix DRF, a software platform for radiography and fluoroscopy that provides full HD images and advanced clinical applications, including stitching, digital X-ray tomosynthesis and a color-coded exposure index map.

Customers have the option of a tablet user interface so the clinician can stay close to the patient.

The solution also has a customizable workflow that can also be built around the organization's branding.

"We think it will bring a clear differentiator to the clinician," said Camille Vigier, product line manager for X-ray products at Thales.

The official U.S. launch will be at this year's RSNA.

Varex 4336W v4 wireless detector
Varex Imaging
Earlier this year, Varex Imaging released a new version of the 4336Wv4 wireless detector, with a reduced weight, improved ergonomics, and with a new long-life battery.

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