Canon expands its AI-based image reconstruction technology to more systems, modalities

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | December 04, 2020
Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) is now integrated on the Aquilion Precision CT System by Canon
Canon Medical Systems announced this week during the virtual RSNA annual meeting that it is expanding its Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) to additional CT systems, clinical indications and modalities.

AiCE DLR will be available across all of the company’s CT systems, from the affordable Aquilion Lightning to the premium Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition. It’s also available on the Aquilion Prime SP but is still 510(k) pending on the Lightning, said Dhruv Mehta, leader of strategic development for Canon Medical.

“AI helps our customers solve real world challenges, going beyond the hype with things that are meaningful,” Mehta told HCB News during a tour of the company’s virtual booth, set up like a modern gallery and called the Canon Museum of Art, during the meeting. “It improves diagnostic confidence and workflow capabilities.”

The company received FDA clearance last year for the technology, which uses deep learning reconstruction to deliver what the company says are sharp, clear and distinct images. AiCE technology is based on training using high-quality image data, with a deep learning neural network that can reduce noise and boost signal.

The company showcased the technology for its Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT system. AiCE DLR is pending 510(k) clearance for the scanner.

It is also available for most types of clinical exams on its Vantage Orian 1.5T MR system.

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