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Spotlight: ANA president on health care reform

by Nancy Ryerson, Staff Writer | July 22, 2013

DMN: How do you feel nurses can help with patient education and getting patients more involved in their health care?
KD: Patient education is really an integral part of what nurses do with patients and their families. It's also an integral part of care coordination. From our standpoint, patient education is about providing people with the tools they need to be advocates for themselves and better manage their own health. The information is critical. And we help guide them in their journey through the continuum of care, whether it's a way to discharge after hospitalization or chronic disease management. Because of the way we view the patient and the care system and our knowledge of both, the education becomes a critical part of the care coordination process.

DMN: Do you feel there's still some confusion over what impact the ACA will have?
KD: From my vantage point, I think nurses understand the potential impact and the potential it has to improve care if we really go in the direction that it's designed to take us. I think in terms of public information, nurses help educate around the system. Here at ANA we're engaging in initiatives to help educate the public and how they qualify for financial assistance. So that's part of our work as well, that we help inform patients and help them get the access they need to care.

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john Silver

Karen Daly article/interview

July 23, 2013 04:31

Perhaps Ms. Daly can explain how a federal legislation like the PPACA can impact nursing care when nursing practice is a state regulated practice?

Here in Florida, NP's can't prescribe a percocet, the only state left where that is true.
It seems to me that the PPCA will impact nursing practice only in those states that allow advanced practice to its fullest. By that logic, only 8 states will fully benefit and another 41 states will benefit slightly.

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Caren McCardell

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the affects on LPN's

July 24, 2013 06:26

I'm currently a full-time LPN student in Omaha, NE and have been told by several that most hospitals will not employ LPN's. I would only think and hope that hospitals and clinics would employ LPN's due to the ACA creating more job opportunities and employing at a lower rate; which in turn, would lead the RN's into more areas within the nursing field. Since there are more and more RN's obtaining specialized higher nursing degrees, I would only think that would broaden job opportunities for all educational levels of nursing.

Nursing student - Caren

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