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Adam Medical Survives and Thrives

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | August 20, 2008
Josh and Bernie Glas

DOTmed Certified Bernard Glas, who owns Adam Medical Sales Inc., a DOTmed 100 company in Brooklyn, NY, is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word.

When he started his first medical imaging business 32 years ago, he learned from the ground up. "I did not work for any manufacturer, I learned the business by speaking to doctors, reading books on the subject, then I just did it," Glas says.

He says he made many mistakes, and went out of business several times over. "Twice it was because of disagreements with partners. The third time, I had a good partner but miscalculated when doing business with China," Glas says. "We put all our eggs in one basket. Then the Chinese government decided to ban pre-owned equipment. I got stuck with $800,000 worth of merchandise, including a lot of CT scanners. That was in 1999. I had lost all my money and all my equipment.

"Since I didn't know anything else, I had to get back. My second oldest son, who was looking for work, came onboard and he's still with me. A few years later, my first-born son came into the business and he started selling spare parts for imaging machines." And a younger son is working at Adam Medical for the summer. (Glas has six sons and two daughters.)

Adam Medical was started up in 1999, after the company's China debacle. Adam is the middle name of his first son, Daniel.

Export Oriented

Glas says that most of his business is in exports. "That's why DOTmed is such a big help to us," he says. "We're very meticulous. Try to have an immaculate reputation.... With DOTmed certification, we get a tremendous amount of new inquiries and new customers."

Adam Medical currently sells equipment to Pakistan, most of South America, Eastern Europe and to Israel. And now that the dollar is so low, Glas and sons are making hay while the sun shines, doing overseas business in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Meanwhile, Glas and sons are growing the company's divisions, including equipment and spare parts.

When asked if thinks he's finally got it right this time, Glas says, "We're doing everything right. Not putting all our eggs in one basket."