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Special report: Cool customization

by Nancy Ryerson, Staff Writer | November 16, 2012
International Day of Radiology 2012
From the November 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

One solution is to use a split system, in which portions of the machine work outside. This method also helps reduce cooling costs if the operating facility is in a colder area, as the equipment can utilize chilly ambient air for cooling.

Other end users use one larger chiller rather than several small ones to save on space and improve efficiency.

“My hospital was building an imaging department that had several MRIs and CTs, but not enough space to have a chiller for each,” says Tom Brinker, imaging service specialist at Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics in Tyler, Texas, a Dimplex customer. “We found one that works for all of them, plus it has enough redundancy in the system to keep on supplying chilled water for all of those modalities without having a shutdown.”
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Communication is key
Going forward, chiller companies say customers are always looking to improve communication, whether within the operating facility among different departments or outside of it between chiller designers, manufacturers and maintenance teams.

“Communication features, such as BacNet, Lon, Modbus and PCOWeb have been increasingly in demand for medical applications in the past few years,” says Dimplex’s Bernard. “This allows for chiller monitoring from central building management systems, or even off-site monitoring, control and diagnostics.”

Finding a chiller company that communicates effectively with customers was a top priority for Hitachi Medical Systems manager of service operations Jim Nestel. “We looked at the technical capabilities and technical support of the chiller manufacturers and how they manage their service network, which was a big thing,” says Nestel, who selected Haskris chillers to offer with his Hitachi MRIs.

Clear communication helps ensure long-term reliability for chillers, manufacturers agree.

“In regards to the overall medical chiller industry, I would like to see improvement in communication between all the players in a medical chiller install and beyond,” says Johnson. “If we could work together from start to finish, we would ensure the customer is getting the best solution in the quickest time frame for the best price.”

DOTmed Registered DMBN November 2012: Chillers Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.
Kim Bernard, Dimplex Thermal Solutions, MI
David Band, Oxford Instruments Service, FL
Sheri Johnson, Johnson Thermal Systems, ID
Dave Baldwin, Cool Pair Plus, IL
Dan Falotico, Haskris, IL
Randy Walker, Genesis Magnet, IL
Marc Fessler, Independence Croygenic Engineering, NJ
Marshall Shannon, Image Technology Consulting, TX
Solomon Reznik, CustomChill, PA
Bob Casto, Cold Shot Chillers, TX
Larry Knight, Altima Diagnostic Imaging Solutions, TX

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