Over 150 Total Lots Up For Auction at One Location - CA 05/31

Michael Friebe’s 32nd private, slightly biased, and as always subjective RSNA report

December 06, 2022
Business Affairs

I cannot put a number on the attendance - obviously more than last year and less than 2019. My feeling is that it was at about 75% level. Meeting halls were not completely filled and the booth size of the big companies not quite as large as I remember them from several years ago.

Maybe a word on Chicago before I start with the actual RSNA report. I typically take the METRA train back to downtown (MILLENNIUM Station) and walk inside / underground to the HYATT bar for an after-show meet-up with friends. That used to be a buzzling place … virtually all the stores are closed now … and all the Chicago Restaurants and bars that we went to closed surprisingly early. Probably still quite some places open late, but I guess I am getting to old to really want to know where they are. Most importantly though we met Sunday evening with a group of 12 - as every year (CV 19 exception) - at HARRY CARAY for a lovely Bar and Steak Dinner event. Awesome as always!

Quick update on my activities and eating-out activities for my long-time readers:
And now to the conference facts and updates. As every year I did not attend any of the scientific talks. I am not a radiologist and these talks very often are simply too clinical for the biomedical engineer. One poster got my attention though, titled “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU START” using the development of a peripheral drug eluting stent as an example. This is largely what I teach my students too — understand the problem space first - have interdisciplinary teams - worry about regulatory later … but finding out that this will eventually decide on the future of the project idea. Thanks Terumitsu Hasebe for the extraordinary presentation.

SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS, FUJIFILM and HOLOGIC were this year in the South Hall, GE, PHILIPS, and CANON in the North Hall. Can already say here … but keep reading … that this years booth price comes from the arctic hall.

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