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Michael Friebe’s 32nd private, slightly biased, and as always subjective RSNA report

December 06, 2022
Business Affairs

An advertisement in the RSNA exhibitor news read very interesting. 4DMedical (4Dmedical.com) announced the 8th breakthrough innovation in diagnostic imaging (after Xray, Ultrasound, …, CT, MRI). A lung evaluation system with 4 x-ray tubes, 4 detectors, and other sensors. Looked very cool, but I honestly did not understand their value proposition (especially in combination with the heavy price tag). Dear readers, please check it out anyway, and let me know what you think about it and on whether I should consider that exceptional. I say NO for the time being.

More exciting - and more realistically priced - was the “wearable” 3D volume breast ultrasound ATUSA from ISONOHEALTH (isonohealth.com).

I was also very surprised about the large number of cone beam CT systems - for orthopaedic weight bearing applications (see PLANMED Full Body - see below - and CURVEBEAM), for general radiology (iCRco) in a trailer (!!), or for lung-screening installed in a mobile unit (XORAN) — exciting for me as a former operator of mobile diagnostic imaging systems.
MICRO-X showed a concept study last year of a CT scanner made up of several CNT tubes, lightweight and portable. Now with more reality. I still do have a 9 year old german patent for such a design … while we build a rudimentary prototype we did not think that the tubes were ready yet. Congratulations!

What else was there?

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